Air Quality

Air Quality Services & Solutions

Denn Dock provides customized Air Quality Solutions ensuring that your Team and Customers work and interact within an environment exemplified by Clean, Healthy Air. Pay-Back is immediate with INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY of the team and SAFETY for your customers.

Our services are aligned with the four action inputs needed to achieve healthy air quality:

  • Ventilation
  • Germicidal Treatment
  • Air Filtration
  • HVAC Maintenance

Our Services & Processes include:


  • Particulates
  • CO2
  • Humidity
  • VOC
  • Mold


  • Fresh Air
  • UVC Emitters
  • Ionizers
  • Filtration
  • Advanced Maintenance


  • 24/7 Air Measurement
  • 24/7 Remote Access to data
  • Real-Time Alerts to falling Air Quality
  • Rapid Response Teams
Air Quality - Action Inputs


Because the air is laden with CONTAMINANTS, the most basic action required is to VENTILATE the workspace with fresh outdoor air.


This lowers the concentration of Contaminants. This simple exercise is one of the most effective and is the only way to reduce the levels of Carbon Dioxide in a space.


Once we are in the space, Bacteria and Viruses will be circulated. Ventilation will by itself will not be sufficient enough to provide a HEALTHY AIR environment.


Simply put, Germicidal treatments (Ultraviolet Emitters and Ionizers) DISABLE AND KILL Viruses, Bacteria and Mold Spores.


As air is circulated in a workspace by AC units and Ventilation fans, dust is carried along in the air streams.


Proper filtration at these machines is critical to trap this dust.


All the air in a room passes through the AC unit to be cooled. The AC units have filters to be maintained, wet coils and drain pans that are ideal growth media for Bacteria and Mold Spores.


If not cleaned on a regular schedule. Humans create the contaminants, but AC and Ventilation systems can provide an ideal environment for them to flourish.

A Conversation About Air Quality


01. What is 'Bad' air quality?

Air Quality is considered BAD when the concentration of CONTAMINANTS in a workspace is high enough to negatively affect people’s health.

02. What are the types of contaminants?

Contaminants fall into a few distinct groupings

  • Dust Particles
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Bacteria, Viruses and Mold
  • Volatile Organic Compounds

03. Was air quality always bad? Why so much attention now?

The fact is that we have lived with Bad Air Quality and its effects ever since we enclosed workspaces. A great many of our poor health experiences are either CAUSED or EXACERBATED by BAD AIR QUALITY in our workspaces!

  • We have come to accept Flu outbreaks in our workplace as normal (They are not! – They thrive in BAD Air Quality environments).
  • We have come to accept that LETHARGY in the afternoons is normal (No! Lethargy is a direct consequence of BAD Air Quality!).
  • We have come to believe that the diagnosis of our colleagues with one or another form of pulmonary disease is independent of our workspace (Wrong again! Workspaces are rich with contaminants that can and do contribute to pulmonary disease.)

04. Can we create a contaminant free work environment?

  • Unfortunately, not!


  • The fact is that MOST CONTAMINANTS in our workspaces ARE INTRODUCED TO THE SPACE BY US!
    • It is we (and our customers) that bring most of the dust into the workspace.
    • It is we (and our customers) that bring EVERY VIRUS into the workspace.
    • It is we (and our customers) that generate ALL the poisonous Carbon Dioxide found in the workspace
    • It is we (and our customers) that bring the vast majority of bacteria found in our workspace.
    • It is we that introduce Volatile Gasses (VOC) by carrying out everyday tasks such as printing and copying in the workspace.

Medication, Vaccines and Sick Leave have allowed us to live in the contaminant-rich workspaces that we created. These remedies have caused us to ignore the loss of productivity and poor health outcomes that are direct and constant effects of BAD Air  Quality. The Novel Corona Virus has focused our attention however and exposed how vulnerable we are!

05. What is to be done?

  1. The First thing we must do is to accept that Healthy Air is important and should be treated as a priority in the design or remediation of our work environments.
  2. The Second thing that we should do is understand that the solutions for Healthy Air are not confusing, or overly complex. It is common sense!
  3. The third thing that we should do is understand the implications for our businesses if we do not address the Air Quality issues going forward.
  • Healthy air will become a competitive advantage to organizations that have high levels of public interface
  • Employee satisfaction will not be achieved in environments that do not exhibit efforts and results in maintaining Healthy Air Quality.
  • Without addressing the risks associated with BAD Air Quality, an entire business can be brought to its knees in little or no time.

06. What are the recommended next steps?

  • Give us a call or send us an e-mail request to carry out an Air Quality inspection of your Workspaces.
  • We will measure for contaminants and provide you with a report showing the Air Quality levels in the spaces A recommended action plan to IMPROVE and MAINTAIN Healthy Air Quality will be provided.
  • Denn Dock will implement the program and provide you with a range of Maintenance Options

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It really is not a complex or “bruk pocket” endeavor. The net benefits FAR outweigh any costs associated with the investment

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